JavaScript is Case sensitive Language and is based on server site and browser. It helps the Programmer to develop the website and maintaining the website. Now I am going to tell you the most important topic of javascript for beginners-

JavaScript value types:Number,String,Boolean,Function,Objectetc.

Number: It has many parts.BigInt,parseInt,parseFloat,Math,NaN etc.

In parseInt, you can convert a string into an int number like =>parseInt('123', 10);Ans is 123

You can also convert a floating number using parseFloat() function like=>parseFloat(‘123.5’,10)Ans is 123.5

NaN means not a number. It is returned when the string is non-numeric like =>parseInt('Hello Tanvir', 10); Ans is NaN;

The string…

Today I going to talking about the fundamental topic of javascript problem-solving. Here we go-

Difference between null and undefined…

In javascript, a Null is an object and we can be assigned it to a variable. On the other side, Undefined is a type of javascript and it means a variable declared but not assigned its value. Here we looking for an example

const test;


alert(typeof (test));//undefined

const test = null;


console.log(typeof (test));//object

Difference between == and ===…

In javascript, we can check a value or string or any other type are the same or different by type Coercion. If a string value converts into a number value…

What is React?

Everybody should know that React is not a FrameWork, It is a library and here all decisions have to deal with yourself. It is helping you to build user interfaces using components. React is simple. It is easy to use.

What is the component?

In React, Components are independent and reusable bits of code. They serve the same purpose as JavaScript functions, but work in isolation and return HTML via a render() function. Components come in two types, Class components and Function components.Example of a Component=>

class Test extends React.Component {


return <p>This is test</p>;


What is the JSX?

JSX is the javaScript extension that can…

Here I am going to discuss Ecma script-6's most important parts to beginners. Here we go…


we declare variable all kinds of programming language such as c,c++, java, and javascript also. In javascript, we declare a variable in many ways. Before Es-6 came, we used var to declare a variable. Block means it can not access outside the function or where it is declared. Declare a variable Like =>

var sum=0;

But when ES-6 came, we declare a variable in let and const.

let sum=0;

const sum = 0;

let means this value can be changed but const means this…

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